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Argosy 90 series console

90/70/50 Series

More Than a functional space - the 90/70/50 series desks are an inspirational landscape the inspires and enables you to create your best work.

90 series desks feature modular expandability that allows nearly limitless combinations of work space, racks, and monitor bays to accompany your mixer(s).
70 & 50 series desk have the same profile and key features in a smaller, non-expandable footprint.

Key 90/70/50 Series Features:

  • Open chassis design defeats thermal buildup and permits easy cabling access
  • Steel leg assemblies
  • Padded armrest for comfort during extended sessions
  • Enclosed cabling area behind meterbridge with removable lid(s) and back access panel(s)
  • Most models available with your choice of onboard rack space and/or computer monitor bay.

Build your Dream Studio® - If your mixer is not shown, please contact us. We may be able to accommodate your needs with a special order item.