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Argosy Mirage Console


UNMISTAKABLE appeal, Mirage has created a bold new standard for combining beauty and function. Each Mirage console provides an inspirational landscape that allows you to escape the trappings of techonology and gives you the opportunity to create your best work.

Mirage is available for a variety of mixer-specific applications, as well as universal desks suited for editing, trading, or table-top mixers.

Key Mirage Features:

  • Low profile console promotes sonic transparency
  • Steel leg system provides rock solid support and a bold look for your room
  • Padded armrest for comfort during extended sessions
  • Nearly every component has a durable, powder coated finish
  • Sturdy tubular steel chassis
  • Height adjustable during setup ( on models with rack bays)
  • Large, Heavy Duty pullout computer keyboard tray (on models with rack bays)

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